More on Thirayuth’s criticism of the government

More on Thirayuth's criticism of the government - July 29, 2004

THAI TALK: When Thirayuth (frog) does a Thaksin (frogleap) - The Nation, July 29, 2004
...Convince us, sir, that you aren’t a “Monstrous Baby” that kills its own father. Tell us how you won’t do away with the checks and balances incorporated in the 1997 “reform” Constitution. Prove, sir, that the TRT-style of electoral democracy isn’t just aimed at institutionalising an authoritarian political culture...

THIRAYUTH REPORT: Have a look who’s being rude now
- The Nation, July 29, 2004
The “monster” has reacted, and, surprisingly, very nicely. “Take it easy. Take it easy,” Thaksin Shinawatra said as he beamed in front of reporters who had braced for another noholdsbarred tirade from the “ultrasensitive” prime minister.
“Nobody in this world is perfect. Nobody is flawless. And nobody is so perfectly bad that there’s no goodness left in him,” he added.
...“He’s cute. The other ‘regulars’ come out many times a year, but he does it only once a year,” said the man Thirayuth described as Thai democracy’s worst nightmare. The prime minister calls his leading critics his “regular clients”...
“The only little complaint I have is he’s a bit mean to me as he doesn’t see any good in my government. It’s easy to talk like that, but let’s wait until the people speak out. Let the election results do the talking.”
...A Thaksin outburst had been widely expected. Last year, when Thirayuth issued his traditional annual “report”, the prime minister blew his top...

Thaksin calm as critic rages - PM lauds Thirayuth for rarely lashing out - Bangkok Post, July 29, 2004
... Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra controlled his anger and responded gently to scathing criticisms of his Thai Rak Thai party by academic Thirayuth Boonmi.
Instead of heatedly lashing out as he usually does when criticised, Mr Thaksin, who earlier this week said he has ``learned to let go'', said the public will be the one to judge him...

Earlier: Bashing TRT - July 28, 2004
Whether his prediction of a slide of TRT is premature or not, a new report by Thirayuth has certainly caught the imagination of the Thai press (both in English and Thai). The Post reports about the report while The Nation runs a translation of the report.
THIRAYUTH STRIKES AGAIN: ‘Monster’ jibe rocks PM & 'Save democracy, vote against Thai Rak Thai' - The Nation, July 28, 2004
Thais love coining new words and word play in general. The Nation also has a glossary of the words coined by Thirayuth in his report: Monstrous baby, GMO politics, Thaksinocrony, Synergy, synmoney, synsavoury, Benja (five) corruption, SML & T, Popu-marketing.

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