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From Naewna, December 11, 2020
People’s shouting: Long Live Communism.
Caption: Really a democracy in this country.

[Refers to the pro-democracy group Free Youth’s controversial new logo. Although the group cheekily said its new logo only came from the words “Restart Thailand,” the design of it clearly shows a hammer and sickle. To the delight of its critics, this logo was heavily reported on and held up to show the revolutionary bent of the student protesters. However, the main student protest leaders disavowed the Free Youth group and said they have nothing to do with them.]

From Thairath, December 12, 2020
Title: Communism… my dear.
PM Prayuth: Admire the Chinese President.
On the book: Xi Jinping [the PM recommended government leaders read the Chinese President’s book]
Prawit: Submarines made by the Communist China
On the flag: Repentant Communists [This is a way to point out the many people in politics, government, bureaucracy and military that were once communist sympathizers in the 1960s and 1970s. Part of the genius (or trickery, depending on your viewpoint) of the Thai system is that it easily reabsorbs rebellious elements back into its mainstream, with revolutionaries ending up revering the monarchy.]
Protesters: Want RESTART THAILAND [as opposed to allegation that the letters refer to “Republic of Thailand”]
Phi Nooring: ฺBring back the communism to the kids. [meaning the military dominated government, which is close to communist China, is actually blaming the the students for being communist.]
Mouse: So crazy

[This references the new logo of the Free Youth. Its hammer and sickle design raised a question as to the real objective of the student protest movement.

However, the cartoonist notes that it is the government that has drawn the nation close to communist China. Thus it is hypocritical to blame the protesters, who have constantly espoused democracy, for actually wanting communism.

This tilt towards China has been referenced even back in 2015: The Thai Junta Embraces Communists.]

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