More on the Bombings

Police: Stickers linked to bomb plot – Bangkok Post, February 21, 2012
…The stickers were first seen under a flyover on Duang Pitak Road in the Lumpini area of Klong Toey district – which runs pararell with the Ploenchit Expressway on the southern side and the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly factory – and were spotted at other places along a 1.5km stretch to the mouth of Soi Ruam Rudee near Ploenchit BTS skytrain station.
Officials believe the stickers may have been used to mark specific locations in a plot to assassinate high-ranking Israeli officials who use the route…

Bangkok bombings: unravelling the truth out of chaos –, February 20, 2012
…Mostly, however, his story drove home the difficulty of reporting the “truth” in a world where facts are about as changeable as the location of a sticky bomb. Asian society orbits around a custom of “saving face” that does not exist in the west, which means that anyone – from a high-ranking government official to an eyewitness or interviewee – can tell you what they think you want to hear, instead of what they actually know. That’s why, when Thai authorities “confirmed” last week that the so-called Bangkok bombers were indeed Iranians targeting Israeli diplomats, other Thai authorities underlined that the suspects’ nationalities still hadn’t been confirmed and that the Bangkok blasts were totally unrelated to those in Georgia and India…

Thai Religious Leader: MKO Responsible for Bomb Blasts in Bangkok –, February 20, 2012
…Bizmark further said that the Iranian embassy in Thailand has deep doubts about the actual nationality of the suspects detained by Thai and Malaysian authorities with the alleged Iranian passports, and whether they were indeed Iranian citizens.
“We don’t know who they are… They could be anybody,” the Iranian ambassador said…

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