More on the Bangkok Bombs

The Bangkok Bombing Attributed to Iran: A Scene From a Keystone Kops Movie or a Clever or Rushed Maneuver by the Iranians? –, February 17, 2012
…Was that for real? A botched terrorist attack by one of the world’s renowned terrorist-sponsoring state and its proxy terrorist organization?
…The planners wanted the attack on the Israeli ambassador to Thailand to be painful, sending shockwaves throughout the region, but at the same time, by sending untrained men to do the job, the planners allowed themselves tongue-in-cheek plausible deniability. However, to make sure that Israel and the U.S would take the “hint” the planners probably sent individuals without proper guidance or training, allowing them to use their real names and Iranian passports. Thus, the planners hoped, they could kill a few birds with one stone: cause damage, deny responsibility, but not hide too deeply who was behind the perpetrators…

Bangkok Says Explosives Expert Among Suspects in Bomb Plot
– WSJ, February 17, 2012
…Police said they are now hunting for the sixth suspect, 52-year-old Javad Nikkhahfard, a suspected explosives expert who like the other alleged plotters is believed to have come from the Middle East to Thailand…

Sun and sin: Thailand questions open-door policy after Iranians’ arrested in botched bomb plot – WP, February 13, 2012
…The “Land of Smiles” has long been a favorite haven for criminals — from Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout to gangsters, drug smugglers and pedophiles — drawn by its open-door visa policy, lax law enforcement and huge variety of white sand beaches…

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