More on police buying their promtions

From Naewna, June 17, 2017
Police on the left: I’m telling you that there is no post buying. Whoever says this, we’ll sue them.
The sign on the left: Disclose about the promotion buying and transfering the police
The sign on the right: Anti-corruption agency
Police on the right: What kind is this agency? Is it legally established?
Caption: Police’s state?

[Refers to the powerful denial from both the police and junta that police have to buy their promotions. These denials have been universally ridiculed in the media. The denials seem to indicate that the junta has no intention of tackling corruption in the Thai police.]

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One Response to More on police buying their promtions

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just learn from political talk on MCOT Radio 100.5 MHz that there is collusion triangle of Police – Prosecutors and Police – Politicians which make so many police, politicians and prosecutors are going up against Police reforms people badly want

    Police has deliberately drafting the cases that involve with police with connections or even corrupt politicians and their goons but Prosecutor simply let the case filed by Police without any warning to rewrite the case just to let the court dismiss the case so that police will ensure that there will be no friction with prosecutors while politicians will reward prosecutor handsomely.

    Another case is the way police have given permission to incumbent politicians along with their goons to carry weapons along with police guards but not in case of those political rivals and their subordinates. This is the way to allow vote buying while giving death threats to political watchdogs along with those political rivals who want to collect the evidence of vote buying to disqualify the incumbent candidates while allowing those political goons to gun down those expendable vote canvassers without the need to come up with the direct political assassinations which are going to cause political animosity when they are trying to form the coalition. This is the only way to ensure the power perpetuation for politicians without the needs for gerrymandering the constituency or direct political assassinations which is going to cause even more serious vendetta. After the election, the incumbent politicians are going to reward those police who give permission to incumbent politicians along with their goons to carry weapons along with police protection while doing vote buying and all other election rigging.

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