More Newspaper Headlines from After the Blast


From KhaoSod, August 19, 2015
Main headline: A motorcycle taxi driver reveals the suspect speaks English
Bomb again in Sathorn Port-Chinese tourists
Same with the Erawan shrine
Hunting a ‘foreigner’
Related to ‘Uighur’
Death toll rises to 20
The 2nd bomb in Bangkok ‘Pipebomb’ Sathron pier-Chinese tourists. Read more inside.
In green box at the top: Pictures of the Ratchaprasong bomb page 5/Khaosod would like to apologize top the ‘Waroth-Tuwichieng family’ page 2
In blue box: Big Tu 3rd cabinet born
‘Somkid’ comes, ‘ML Auy’ leaves [Refers to Prayuth’s 3rd cabinet. This reshuffle replaced Deputy PM ML Pridiyathorn Devakula (nicknamed Auy) with former finance minister Somkid Jatusripitak.]
In red box: 23 countries afraid of a bomb
Warn their people to travel to Thailand
Tight security control at 6 airports and places popular for foreigners
Scared of the bomb, 23 countries warn their people not to travel to Thailand. Transport Minister raises security level from 3 to 6 at the airport.


From Thairath, August 19, 2015
Main headline: Second bomb attacks Bangkok
‘Sathorn pier’
Almost kills people
Luckily, it missed the target and felt into the river.
Same with Erawan shrine’s bomb
Hurry hunting a suspect of Ratchaprasong bomb
There is a second bomb attack at Sathorn pier but luckily the bomb felt in the Chaopraya River under Taksin bridge. The CCTV captured the moment of explosion. Read more on page 10.
In a green box at top: Pictures of damages from the bomb at Ratchaprasong intersection p.7
Artist joins “Bike for Mom” p.31
In a green box mid-left: A broker questioned again [Refers to an investigation of the murder case of billionaire contractor Chuwong Sae Tang.]
In green box on right: Submitted: Tu’s 3rd cabinet. [Refers to the reshuffle of Prayuth’s cabinet. Prayuth’s nickname is Tu.]
In green box on the bottom-left: Stab ex-husband 13 wounds
Disturb an ex-wife and her new husband
Angry stab to death


From Daily News, August 20, 2015
Main headline: A motorcycle taxi driver says sending the bomb suspect
Get off at Narathiwat Rd.,
Police chief says Thai people involved
Pink box: Thienchay sets on 6 Sep
Vote the draft constitution
Already submitted
Prayuth’s 3rd cabinet
[Refers to the submission of the draft constitution by Thienchay Kiranandana, a head of the National Reform committee. Meanwhile, the list of new Prayuth’s cabinet has already submitted to the King for approval.]
Pink box on the right: A woman whom received stocks
Afraid to be hunted
Meets the police
To provide more information
[Refers to an investigation of the murder case of billionaire contractor Chuwong Sae Tang. A woman received many of Chuwong shares in his company.]
Pink box at bottom-left: Burning a property in dispute [referring to arson]
Sex drug and obesity drugs [involved]

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