More jokes about Yingluck

From Manager, February 26, 2019
Left: Khun Chatchat, you should go debate with them. Let them see how smart we are.
Left caption: This candidate for PM…
Right: Khun Poo, don’t go debating with them… Then they will know we are stupid.
Caption: …with that person

[Refer to Pheu Thai candidates for PM Chatchat Sitiphan (pictured at left) and former party’s leader Yingluck (right).
Chatchat has shown himself to be a very competent speaker and easily displays his personality and knowledge.
Meanwhile, former PM Yingluck, whose nickname is “Poo,” had many speaking gaffes and usually read from papers even when responding to questions. Despite being a popular prime minister, she was not a politician and seemed unused to normal political debate.]

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