More Cartoons on the Thai Government Mega-Debt

From Post Today, March 28, 2013
On carpet: The Act for Baht 2.2 trillion loan
[Crab in Thai is “Poo” which is also the nickname of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The Thai proverb ‘a vulture eats dead prey’ means to scramble for their own benefit. This shadow of vulture implies many groups who are seeking the benefits from the huge transportation-projects.]

From Manager, March 27, 2013
Top left, god: Big trouble, Indra!…
Indra: What is it, god?
Top right, god: All of the spirits who are supposed to be born in Thailand ask to cancel their births.
Bottom left, Indra: Umeh! …Now they’re allowed to be born but still play hard…What are their reasons?
God: Once they’re born…They’ll have to be burdened because of the Baht 2.2 trillion debt for 50 years.
[Indra is the leader of gods in Hindu mythology.]

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