Missing Thaksin again

From Thairath, February 11, 2021
Title: Good speaking and linking, but don’t understand the world
PM Prayuth: Go check. You became richer in B.E.2530 from the telecommunication project.
On a paper held by PM Prayuth: A person who has a lot of visions in his head.
Man: Go check. Who made people kill themselves because they didn’t get the assistance?
Woman: Go check who has made the country go down since B.E.57 to the present.
Phi Nooring: Missing Thaksin again.
Mouse: Good at speaking

[Refers to PM Prayuth’s saying people got richer in B.E. 2557 (2014) due to the improvement of the telecommunications in the country. Later, PM Prayuth denied that he meant refer to programs former PM Thaksin started.
Some might forget that, not too long ago, it was nearly impossible to get a new land line and international calls were expensive and filled with static. Successive governments, graft-ridden and with conflicting goals, were long unable to initiate telecommunications modernization. Subsequent improvements brought Thailand into line with international standards of communications.
PM Prayuth became annoyed when it was implied he was complementing Thaksin for the improvements and asked reporters to stop mentioning Thaksin’s name.
This cartoon is mocks PM Prayuth’s government who frequently compares or mentions Thaksin to contrast their performance with his.]

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