Military order displaces police again: Senior police officers moved after Army leads raids on gambling dens

Senior police officers moved after Army leads raids on gambling dens – The Nation, February 28, 2015
…Speaking later, Somyot said the Army units were taking active roles in anti-vice operations because they were authorised to initiate raids under martial law. He said the Army raids were not considered interference in police duties and many raids were joint operations with police taking part.
A team of 50 soldiers and 10 local police raided a network of notorious gambling dens in Bangkok’s Tao Poon area yesterday afternoon, and seized a large number of handguns, betting equipment and narcotics.
…The raids were initially resisted by local residents, who allegedly act as lookouts, as has been reported regularly in news reports over the years. They accused the officials of damaging private property and causing a disturbance after officials hammered down many walls and cut off padlocks, and found the contraband items…

This is the famous Tao Poon gambling syndicate that thoroughly owns the police in the area and has protection from both residents and elected officials.

10 years ago they were shutting them down also: Number’s up for infamous den

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