Military loves democracy

From Arun, October 8, 2020
Title: Political problems can be solved by political means. “Big Bie” will not conduct a coup.
Bottom: …Are you sure with a promise. I will adhere to that promise without forgetting. Even as time has passed, you must believe I will keep the promise to love you… promise promise promise. From the song ‘Love promise’

[The cartoon sarcastically shows a tank, representing the military, romantically embracing Democracy Monument.
“Big Bie” is the new army chief Gen. Narongphan Jitkaewtae who promised that there would be no fresh coup. This was amid rumors, always floated before big protests, that the military was panicking and would stage a coup.
The romance in the cartoon is to underline how the military always says they support democracy and are not eager to stage a coup… until one inevitably occurs.]

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