Military harassment of Thai PBS condemned

Harassment of Thai PBS condemned – The Nation, November 16, 2014
…Recently, Nattaya hosted the programme in Songkhla, with villagers and activists criticising the coup in response to provocative questions. The officers met with Thai PBS executives, asking for a shift in the focus of the programme and the removal of Nattaya as host. An NCPO source said Nattaya’s questions centred on whether southerners were comfortable under the NCPO and the government. The source said that the junta ordered three of its officers to meet Thai PBS chief Somchai Suwanban and seek his cooperation in the matter.

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  1. Wiz says:

    See no evil – talk no evil – hear no evils due to the fact that media have taken bribes – to make media fool themselves as the one who take neutral ground despite of the fact that they have become mouthpieces for Ai Maew by refusing to do the right things in the time of crises – Thai PBS included – so nobody come to help them once they have been harassed by Junta since Media have alienated people who are the main supporters of media at the first place. Those media have forgotten the fact that Water (people) can make the ship (media) to float, so water also can capsize and sink the boat at the same time.

    Where are those media who complain about the deprivation of their freedom on the day those demonstrations have been shot with M79 grenades?

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