MICT Teaches Thais How to Be Happy

Below is another cartoon from the LINE account of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

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Title: Story of “Sticker”

3rd box: Sticker, What are you doing?


2nd box: Khawdam… Hello.
[Khawdam is the name for a dog meaning “white and black.”]

3rd box: Sticker is writing a memo about the good things I met today.

4th box: Sticker: This helps me concentrate and learn to realize when I’m happy. Don’t be confused. Do you want to know what is it, Khawdam? If you want to know, I will tell you.
Khaodam: Yes, I really want to know.


1st box: All of this started from when Sticker found news on the internet.

2nd box: It is said at Harvard University, the class which students take the most is Professor Tal Ben-Shahar’s Positive Psychology class also known as “Happiness 101” because it teaches happiness.

“Happiness 101”

3rd box: Sticker: Are there any classes like this on earth?

Caption: Sticker searched more on the internet to find out the answer.

4th: Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar, what is “Positive Psychology” like?


1st box: It is a new psychological class which focuses on studying the positive side of humans. We change from questing what doesn’t work to what does work. The study starts from this…

Psychologist: Making people feel better that we can cure other illnesses inside us.

2nd box: Sticker: Then, how this class is different from a HOW-TO book?

You teach us to learn to question…

Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar: It’s totally different because we study based on the information tested by scientific method. For example…

3rd box: In 2002, Robert Emmons tested by dividing volunteers into two groups. For the first group, he asked them to write the positive things that happened during the day while another group was to write things that made them mad during the day.

4th box: They wrote it every night before going to bed.


1st box: After the end of the test, it found that the emotional level measured by scientific method had been changed and was obviously different. It concluded that in the first group, the happiness rate increased while the second group had more stress and depression.

3rd box: Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar: We always test to find out the answer. Our class is a scientific class–not a HOW-TO book.

Sticker: Prof., could you please tell me what the Happiness 101 class is about? What do you teach? I want to study in your class.


Sure, First, we tested and found out that valuing ‘money and prestige bringing a happiness’ isn’t always correct. It has only some impact.


[blue] The real happiness is based on…

[red] thinking

[pink] how you see the world

[green] living your life

Khawdam: Top bubble: Oh… it’s a good way of thinking.

Middle bubble: I think it’s an interesting principle for living. I’ve never think about this.

Sticker: Yes, Khawdam. When I read it for the first time, I really liked it. See, there are many good things for us to read on the internet.


1st box: And do you know, Khawdam?  I think we’ll find real happiness when we have consciousness… to know when we are happy.

Below bubble: Don’t be confused.

2nd box: I have to have consciousness to know what we’re thinking, what we’re doing, knowing when we are happy. It’s very easy and then we’ll be happy.

[This refers to the way of Buddhist thinking of having consciousness in whatever one does.]


1st box: Then, what else did Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar teach you? I want to hear.

2nd box: He taught in his Happiness 101 class that… if you want to have endless happiness, we must do this:

3rd box: [blue] 1. Try to accept ‘being human.’ We can be sad or there are many bad things make us cry. No one will be happy forever.

Sticker: This is very interest. Accepting the sadness will help us be happy.


Try to make your life easy
Red bubble: Homework

When you’re working, try not to do many things at the same time…
Try to spent time (a lot of time) with people you love

Caption below the picture: Every study found that a source of the most happiness comes from people you love.

Always exercise
Because sport is a great drug

Man: I have to take care of my patient. I will ask him to go exercise.


1st box: The result is like receiving a prescription for stress reduction from the doctor, but it has no side-effects.

Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar: Like you are receiving Prozac 20+ Ritalin drugs without side effects.

2nd box: 5. Try to meditate

The easiest way is to… take a long-deep breath three times every time you’re thinking about.

Try to appreciate all good things around us

[brown] There is a psychological study on patients who have serious illnesses and will survive for only 3-6 months and found that more than half of them said [pink] this was the first time in their lives that felt alive.

Woman: Knowing that we’re going to die makes us appreciate things more.


1st box: Because the rest of their time helps them to appreciate on what is going to be gone [underline] We don’t need to wait for anything. Just write small little things which make us happy each day to learn to know happiness.

On book: Notebook for good things every day

Sticker: Number 6, this is the most important which I’m doing now when you talked to me.

2nd box: Prof. Tal Ben-Shahar taught us to write whatever makes us feel happy in it each day. Write it every day before going to bed.


1st box: What did you write today, Sticker?

2nd box: I’m too shy [to tell you]. There is nothing special because Prof. said that we can write whatever makes us happy even it’s a small thing.

You’ll be the only one who can read it… I’m too shy.

3rd box: Prof. emphasizes that it can be everything that makes us happy. No need to be the big one. Try to feel the happiness, have consciousness, perceive good things around us.

4th box: Today, Sticker has three things that make her feel good.



Today, there are three things make Sticker feel happy…

When I came back home after school, I saw grandma slept well.
(Sticker likes to watch grandma when she’s sleeping. Likes to see when she smiles.)

Today, I got a new dictionary which I just ordered.
(Teacher Aree taught us to use a dictionary book rather than a dictionary from a computer.)

When I saw the dictionary, it made me miss teacher Aree a lot. So, I wrote a letter to her. I really miss teacher Aree and I feel happy every time I think of her.


1st box: After reading it, I also feel happy. Thank you, Sticker, for sharing.

2nd box: Khamdam, you should try to write it. [meaning to use the journal for writing things she is thankful for]
I give you this book for writing.

3rd box: Yes. I will start today.

4th box: What are you writing?


1st box: “Khawdam is really happy to be with Sticker.”

3rd box: Love Khawdam, too.


The end of the story of Sticker, episode 9 “Happiness class”

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