MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws

MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws: Webmasters are responsible for content even if they did not post it

The page reads: Michael: What are you looking at? Can I see it?
Jack: Nah, and why are you asking? I did not do it by myself. Someone posts a porno picture on my website. I did not do it.
Michael: Do you know that the host who support or allow others to post the porno, the false message, disgracing others, and the message related to terrorism on their website will face the 5 year jail sentence or up to 10,000 baht fine or both, same as the one who posts the message?
Jack: Is it true? I have to delete it right away.

MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws: Being a hacker is illegal

The page reads: Pim: Jack, I remember that you have a friend who normally hacks data from computers of agencies, right?
Jack: Ah! That was long long time ago, do you still remember it?
Pim: Certainly, I remember almost everything. Warn your friend that if he continues doing this, he needs to mind this action as now there is a bill issued to regulate the operation of hackers. Hackers will face up to 6 month jail sentence or up to 10,000 baht fine. If hacking into others’ information, they will face up to 2 years jail sentence or up to 40,000 baht fine. Hackers who hack into others’ computer systems and make changes to the system or cause the system operation to fail will face up to a 20 years jail sentence.

MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws: Making fake pornos

The page reads: Jack: Have you seen the fake porno VDO clip of a famous model that is spread through the website?
Michael: Yes… I have heard that it was made by the gang, however, they were arrested by the police and face up to 3 year jail and 60,000 baht fine penalty. It is not worthwhile to do. Do not even think about it Jack!
[This sort of activity–Photoshopping images of celebrities into nude photos or faking porn clips–is particularly common in Thailand. It is perhaps related to an old-fashioned feeling that those who are sexy and famous must be bereft of morals and thus deserve shame or abuse.]

MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws: The meaning of improper content

The page reads: Michael: Do you guys know about the meaning of improper content according to the ICT act?
Opal: Ah, it refers to the false message that impacts national security, generating fear among the public or troubling others, including information related to terrorism and pornography. Those who spread the information into a computer system or to the public will face up to 5 years jail or 10,000 baht fine penalty or both.

MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws: The cool and sexy cyber spy

The page reads: Opal – I am Opal, as you see that I am beautiful and sexy. I believe that many readers know me already because I am famous and gained many awards from stage contest. Asking about tips for the pageant? I just learned it from my mom. My principle career is actress. I am talented and scrutinizing in very detail.  I am strongly interested in other people’s stories and many say that I should have a second career as cyber spy.
[This is an introduction to one of the characters in the booklet. This character emphasizes it is cool to monitor others’ activities on the net and report improper activity to the authorities.]

MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws: We can get you wherever you are on earth

The page reads: Michael: Does everyone know that the bill regulating computer crimes is subject to penalize the wrongdoer outside the Kingdom of Thailand as well? If there is anyone who starts a website outside the country to distribute information disgracing the monarchy, destroying the security of the juristic system or generating fear among Thai people, the wrongdoer will be persecuted by law and receive penalties inside the Kingdom of Thailand.

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