Mercedes vs Dharma


From Manager, February 23, 2016
He: Must sacrifice his body to protect his life.
Us: Must sacrifice our life to protect Dharma.

[The monk is supreme patriarch nominee Somdet Chuang. The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) found that his vintage Mercedes Benz car was illegally imported. On the ride side of the image is the wheel of Dharma and a call for people to protect the integrity of the religion from materialistic monks. Note: translation corrected.]

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One Response to Mercedes vs Dharma

  1. Wiz says:

    He: Must satisfy his body to protect his life. => Must SACRIFICE his organ to protect his life
    Us: Must satisfy our life to protect Dharma. => Must SACRIFICE our life to protect Dharma.

    Note – Must SACRIFICE one’s body to protect one’s life and Must SACRIFICE one’s life to protect Dharma is the Adage which Buddhist laypersons and monks must uphold at all cost … otherwise they would not deserve to call themselves as Buddhist followers.

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