Meddlesome Americans


From Manager, February 5, 2015
In the black space at top: Long cartoon story for Monday, by Bancha/Kanin


Obama is taking his guest for a tour of the White House…


Left, at top: They go to the room which displays souvenirs from other countries.
Guest: What’re these, Mr. President? It’s very interesting.
Obama: Oh… these are the souvenirs we received from our friends around the world.


Left: I instruct my staff that, wherever they go, to ask the host country to write down a messages expressing their feelings toward us in their own language. Then, we put those messages in this room.
Right: The interesting thing is that even though each country has a different language, they all write in the same thing.


Left: What do these messages say, sir?
Right: Obama: Hey… you’ve came back from Thailand, Mr. Daniel?
Daniel: Yes, Mr. President.


Obama: Did you get any souvenir from Thailand?
Daniel: Yes, Mr. President.


Left: Great. Then hang it on the wall.
Right: It’s bigger than other souvenirs we usually receive. The message that they send to us must be written from the bottom of their hearts.


Guest: It’s so nice… what does it mean, Sir?
The sign reads: Meddlesome. [“Sueak” in Thai]

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