Thai McDonalds

McDonalds Shrimp Burger - March 11, 2008


"Pork Prosperity" - January 15, 2005
A Chinese New Year-themed placemat paper from McDonalds in Thailand (above - also a higher res version 188kb). It advertises "Lucky Prosperity Pals" that represent the 12 Chinese years (each being associated with a different creature). They also have two special meals--'Pork Prosperity' and 'Chicken Prosperity' (below- also a higher res version 205kb). as well as apricot sundaes, pink soda, and a new chocolate pie--all flavored to mimic traditional Chinese fare at the new year.


McDonalds' 'I am Asian' promotion - May 12, 2004
In the U.S. McDonalds has a silly promotion called "I am Asian" (they even trademarked the phrase) to attract Asian Americans to eat at the restaurants.
For some reason, they have cursory info on the holidays in various Southeast Asian nations. Here is the one for Thailand where they only list one holiday. Cambodia, which has several of the same or similar holidays as Thailand, gets a longer write-up.

McSomtam There is also a list of unsusal menu items in different countries: McDonald's restaurants in India are our only restaurants in the world where you cannot buy beef. You can purchase an all-lamb version of the Big Mac called the "Maharaja Mac."
McDonald's international restaurants occasionally develop other items which appeal to local tastes, such as a grilled salmon sandwich with dill sauce in Norway, rice dishes in Japan, a Samurai pork burger in Thailand, frankfurters and beer in Germany, a McHuevo (a hamburger with a poached egg on top) in Uruguay, and McSpaghetti in the Philippines.

They forgot the McSomtam (left). The Thai McDonalds website is here.

The McDonalds 60-second pledge - May-August, 2001

Bangkok McDonalds are promising your order in 60 seconds or you get a coupon for a free drink (left). There's a electronic timer that the customer pushes to start the countdown. When the program first started the staff seemed to have fun trying to get the order done in time, but now they seem tired of the whole thing. Ordering a Big Mac usually guarantees they will not be done in time and you will get a free drink coupon.
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