Matichon comes to its 42nd year

From Arun, January 9, 2019
Title: Matichon comes to its 42nd year
On the paper: Matichon

[Refers to the 42nd year anniversary of the Matichon newspaper.
The cartoon implies that, amid the decline of the newspaper business, many weekly and dailies shutting down, and the political situation, this year may be a challenging year for Matichon.]

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One Response to Matichon comes to its 42nd year

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now, Siamrath Weekly (found in 1953) has to change the format from the weekly news magazine to the weekly tabloid to cut down the cost while Ban Mueang Daily has to end their printed version to focus on the internet version. For the case of Than Setthakij, they have to cut down the number of pages and number of sections as the measure to put the production cost under control.

    It is just a matter of time when Matichon weekly will have to change the format to become weekly tabloid while Prachachat Thurakij has to cut down the number of sections and pages to stay afloat.

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