Marriage Registration in Thailand

Unlike many countries, a Thailand marriage must be registered to be valid. Without registration, the marriage is not recognized. Hence, a marriage ceremony is not enough and is not even the gauge for the validity of marriage in Thailand.

Having in mind the importance of marriage registration, marriages, whether by Thais or foreigners, must be registered. The registration of marriage can be easily arranged and accomplished. Registration may be done at any district office in any province.

The requirements for registration of marriage depend on the nationalities of the parties. Generally, the requirements are as follows:

  1. Passports;
  2. Identification card (for Thai party);
  3. Proof of capacity to marry;
  4. Divorce decree and its corresponding translation, if any; and
  5. Death certificate of previous spouse and its corresponding translation, if applicable;

Whenever applicable, all documents must be legalized as required under Thai laws and regulations. Further, a party’s own embassy may require other documents.

Marriage registration is easy if all requirements are at hand. If so, it can be a quick process. The more important thing is the pre-planning stage of marriage registration which includes prenuptial agreement consideration.

As registration commences the validity of the marriage for all legal intents and purposes, special attention must be given to the drafting of a prenuptial agreement. This is advised especially if the other spouse is more financially capable than the other. Assets of the more financially capable party must be protected. This is done in anticipation of any marital problem the couple may face.

Ideally, a prenuptial agreement must be drafted by an experienced lawyer. This is because the law of the foreign party must also be observed in making the agreement. The agreement must be made in both English and Thai languages. A well drafted prenuptial agreement is less likely to be contested.

So, if you want to get married in Thailand, you have to make sure that your marriage is registered. You must also observe other formalities if you or your spouse is a foreigner.

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