Cockroach alone

From Manager, March 14, 2019
Cockroach: Dare to die. Dare to fail!!
Caption: Naturally, a cockroach has never been like this before.
Sign on the left: Thaksin
Sign on the right: Tu [nickname of PM Prayuth]

[Refers to the Democrat Party which has recently confirmed again that they would not support PM Prayuth to remain prime minister after elections.
Cartoonists (and critics of the party) portray the Democrats as cockroaches as the party has lasted so long and escaped disbanding unlike other parties–especially those connected to former PM Thaksin.
Some see the Democrats as possible power brokers after elections and the only party that might join with the junta to give them a credible majority in the elected house–especially if parties directed by Thaksin win the most seats.
With their vows to neither join with Thaksin parties nor the junta, it seems they are setting themselves up for isolation.
However, the most likely view is that this position is cynical ploy to take an anti-junta stance before elections and afterwards they will find a way to work with pro-junta parties.
This was already a much-discussed issue all the way back in April 2018: Who will come crawling?]

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