Maplecroft: Thailand at extreme risk of terrorism

Newly formed South Sudan joins Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan at top of Maplecroft terrorism ranking – attacks up 15% globally – Maplecroft, August 3, 2011
…“Although some countries are rated as ‘extreme risk’, terrorism attacks can be limited to a specific region or a relatively small number of areas. Thailand is a case in point, where the majority of attacks take place in the southern states,” continued Skinner…

Somalia heads terrorism risk, S.Sudan in top 5-survey – AP, August 3, 2011
…The only Western European country seen at high risk was Greece, assessed at 27, down from 24, due to violent left-wing groups. The next most at risk was Britain, rated at 38, up from 46, while France was at 45, barely changed from 44.
The survey period did not cover an attack in Norway by anti-Muslim zealot Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Oslo and a nearby island.
After the attack, some analysts argued that terrorism monitoring had been skewed towards the threat of violence from Muslim groups, ignoring the danger posed by far right westerners.
The survey rated Norway at a lowly 112.

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