Manufacturers are not as foolish as they might appear for building factories on a flood plain

Drying Off Thailand’s Supply Chains – WSJ, November 3, 2011
…Yet another is an enlightened regulatory approach: Thailand was much more willing, much earlier on, to allow foreigners to dispense with joint ventures and own 100% of their factories, as compared to Malaysia, Indonesia and China, all of which come late and sometimes incompletely to the liberalization game.
And, odd as it seems to say it right now, Thailand enjoys certain infrastructure advantages. The government has never shown the capacity in this field that China or Singapore exhibit with their faithfully executed five-year road, bridge, tunnel and port plans. But whenever it becomes clear that road congestion or other failings have reached an intolerable level, Thailand manages to panic sufficiently to do something about it—for instance with a reasonably well-functioning elevated expressway system around Bangkok or a new international airport. Indonesians should be so lucky, given chronic government inertia in the face of world-infamous Jakarta traffic jams…

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