Manipulated to choose a future path


From Thairath, April 15, 2016
Title: We are controlled to choose “the future that we do not choose… for ourselves” [meaning the voters are being manipulated to cast a “yes” vote for the charter]
Man with glasses: Accept it.
Man with hand cover his mouth: Not accept it. [meaning the vote for or against the charger]
On the box: 7 August 2016.
On the curtain: The referendum of Meechai’s constitution.
On the chair: Outsider prime minister [Meaning the charter would allow an unelected prime minister. Those who oppose the charter use this as a rallying point as the events of Black May 1992 were triggered by an unlected prime minister being selected by elected MPs.]
Man sitting is holding a paper that reads: 20 years country’s strategy [referring to the junta’s committee to make sure that the country’s 20-year goals are being followed by politicians]
Man who is standing: Unelected senator.

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