Manager Weekly to cease publication for three weeks for offending junta

Above: Black cover of the August 2, 2014 issue announcing the suspension of the weekly magazine under junta pressure

ASTV Manager takes a break – Bangkok Post, August 2, 2014
ASTV-Manager Weekly Magazine says it will temporarily stop publishing for three weeks as a response to the junta’s intimidation…
One of the headlines read “Prayuth’s charter: NCPO is dad of all institutions”. “The message parodies [the NCPO] and may cause misunderstanding that the NCPO is above the higher institution,” the letter said.
“Dad of all institutions” is an expression used by vocational students to insult vocational students from other schools…

Analysis here: Manager Group weekly news magazine under pressure from the junta

ASTV Manager Weekly_26 July 2014

Above: Cover of the offending issue from July 26, 2014

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