Make people who disagree disappear

From Thairath, July 2, 2020
Title: New monument for Thai police after reform.
Center, on the monument: Serve people. The word “serve” is maked out and replaced with “carry.” The word in this context implies “make people who disagree disappear.”
Above left, on man’s shirt: People. On sign: Political activity.
Bottom left, on girl’s shirt: Student.
Above right: Against dictatorship.
Center right, on man shirt: Student.
Sign: Demand for democracy.
Bottom right: ART
Mouse man: Bully. Threaten. Hurt.
Mouse: Serve the dictator.

[Since the dissolution of the major opposition party, the Future Forward, in February 2020, party faithful have been desirous of a new protest showdown with the government. However, the pandemic has stymied their plans for months. The continuing serious covid-19 situation in other countries has allowed the government to contend an emergency decree is still necessary.
In the meantime, a major anti-monarchy and anti-government activist was brazenly kidnapped in Cambodia and protests have been curtailed and discouraged by the powers of the emergency decree.]

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