Mahaprachachon: Reds to Flourish in the South

From Mahaprachachon May 11-17, 2012
Red-shirt villages are blossoming in the South.
Democratic anti-dictatorship seeds have been planted in Cho-Airong district, the most dangerous area in the South. From now on, red-shirt villages will flourish, reflecting the needs of the people in the area who refuse to follow the backward way of the elites. Thida Thavornseth expects a 10% rise in Muslim villages as villagers are awake and aware.   

From Mahaprachachon May 11-17, 2012
Headline: Pressure the aristocratic Abhisit to bend down and apologize to Nazi victims
Sub-headline: Abhisit and the Democrats must take responsibility by apologizing to the relatives of those who died and punishing Boonyod for his insane behavior.

From Mahaprachachon May 11-17, 2012
Cartoon reads: Reconciliation
Yingluck: Pa, why are there so many roaches here? [roaches referring to the Democrat Party] They’re ruining the ambiance.
Prem: Yeah! I’m tired of them too.
On the glass: Reconciliation

From Mahaprachachon May 11-17, 2012
Headline: The red (communist) villages of the Thai state are transformed into democratic red-shirt villages

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