Mahaprachachon, May 18-24, 2012

From Mahaprachachon, May 18-24, 2012
The headline reads: Thorn pierces, have to use the thorn to pick them off “Cheap all over Thailand” [This is a Thai proverb meaning the solution is the same as the problem (as in using thorns to remove other thorns). This case the solution is “everything is cheap in Thailand.”]
The text reads: There were many solutions from Yingluck government to solve the problem of expensive products, which is to reduce production cost and reduce transportation cost. Now they are using the “everything is cheap in Thailand” policy through the co-operative network all over Thailand. MP Nattawut Saikua is the leader to reduce resident’s cost of living and push up the selling price of agriculture goods for all Thai agricultural goods. This is the right way for the solution of expensive items.
Headlines on the right:
– Political ruffians
– Peaceful way in the way of Red shirts
– When the National Human Right Commission Committees are in as much trouble as A-Kong… [A-kong means “grandfather” or very old person, in this case, referring to a case of A-Kong SMS who died in prison serving a sentence for lese majeste.]
– Picking a flower makes the stars shake. [this is a Thai proverb]

From Mahaprachachon, May 18-24, 2012
Red Shirts village at Jana district was burned. It’s the beginning of violence again. [This refers to the burning of a hut in a Red Shirt village declared in the deep south.]

From Mahaprachachon, May 18-24, 2012
Recalling 19 May 2012, bad people ordered to kill people on the street.

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