Mahaprachachon, February 11-17, 2011

From Mahaprachachon, February 11-17, 2011
Thaksin’s note reads: 6 February 2011–Dear all, Today I stay in Finland and I send you [a photo of] the ancient church of the Helsinki, which is the capital city, for you to take a look at. Now the weather is about 2 Celsius. Wearing warm clothes will make you feel comfortable. I feel fresh as I haven’t been here for long time. My last visit here was in September 2007 when I participated in the Asian-Europe meeting and then to UK, Cuba and New York until the coup d’etat occurred and I haven’t returned home. I had no idea that the politics would be worsened like this.

From Mahaprachachon, February 11-17, 2011
The headline reads: The strategy to pinch off the red flower – The operation to hunt the [red] leader

From Mahaprachachon, February 11-17, 2011
The headline reads: From the Nile River to the Mekong River and the Chaophraya
[Drawing comparisons between the uprisings in the Middle East and the Red Shirts]

From Mahaprachachon, February 11-17, 2011
The cartoon headline: Teach yourself first [meaning the PM is hypocrite for criticizing Mubarak]
Mubarak is saying: What do you say Mark?
Abhisit is saying: I say that Mr. Mubarak needs to respect the needs of the people”
Behind him is the sign: Ratchaprasong intersection
And a banner: Here people have died as they want Democracy

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