Mahaprachachon, April 13-19, 2012

From Mahaprachachon, April 13-19, 2012
Thaksin — Songkran  — Democracy

Text: We’ve not been free from the elitist dictatorship for several years now, ever since the PAD asked the military to conduct the 2006 coup resulting in the CNS-backed government. Then a second yellow-shirt mob chased away the Samak government. This was followed by the Abhisit government’s shooting of the people to make two bloody Songkrans in a row, and he still insisted on staying in power until 2011. But this Songkran, the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter. Thais will get to enjoy traveling in both our homeland and our brother countries of Laos and Cambodia, as this is really a democratic Songkran.

From Mahaprachachon, April 13-19, 2012
Abhisit and crimes against mankind

From Mahaprachachon, April 13-19, 2012
The cartoon title: Who ordered [the coup]?
Thought balloon from Prvy Councilor Prem’s jacket: We curse those betraying our nation that they may be ruined and bless those who rob our democracy that they may be prosperous.
Gen. Sonthi (popping out of Prem;’s jacket): You don’t need to curse. I won’t betray Pa [Prem]… um, the country. Even if it means dying, I’ll never say anything. 

From Mahaprachachon, April 13-19, 2012
Sprinkling Songkran water to pay respect to one’s elders – Curse those who bombed houses and cities

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