Mad Toad!

From Manager, November 8, 2012
Frog: Liar… You gave me your word, but didn’t do it…
Caption: The one that want to kill Thaksin the most… may not be a human.

[Jatuporn Promphan is a Red Shirt leader and it was expected that he would be offered a job in the cabinet, but he was passed over. Disappointed, he spoke at a press conference after the reshuffle saying that there may not be anybody to back the government up if there is a protest against the government in the future, except for Natthawut Saikue, the Deputy Commerce Minister, who is a Red Shirt leader still in the cabinet. The meaning was that Thaksin has to reward the Red Shirt leaders who risked so much for him if the wants help again in the future. Jatuporn’s opponents nickname him “toad.”
“Kill Thaksin” refers to the news posted on Thaksin’s son’s Facebook account claiming there was an assassination attempt being planned on Thaksin. The cartoon jokes that the assassination attempt is more likely to come from Jatuporn, bitter over being rejected by the government.]

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