Mackenna Theater being torn down

Mackenna Theater being torn down - March 26, 2004

End of arbitration - April 2, 2004
As many construction folk read this site, we thought you might be interested in this press release from AustCham: Early this year the Thai Government passed a Cabinet Resolution which states that any contract between a state agency and a private entity (Thai or foreign) should not include an arbitration clause. This means that arbitration will no longer be a mechanism for settling any contract disputes with the state agency. Should a party wish to enter into a contract with a state agency and they wish to include a clause for arbitration, this will be
considered by the Cabinet on a case by case basis. Furthermore all contracts with state agencies must be in Thai language with English (or other languages) only as unofficial translations.
This decision by the Government is of great concern and as such, the National Academy of Criminal Justice will hold a seminar to explain the consequences of the Cabinet Resolution and seek feedback from both the local and foreign business community. They also intend to report the feedback they gather back to the Government.
Members who will be affected by this Cabinet Resolution are invited to attend this seminar. It will be free of charge and there will be simultaneous English translation.

Details of the seminar are supposed to be here, but the link seems to be broken.

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