Lurid stories of Thai youth

Does the Thai-language media understand Thai youth? - January 4, 2004
What you do not find in the English-language press: Nearly every week, both Matichon and ThaiRath have have has extremely lurid 'studies' about the alleged debauchery of Thai young people. These reports are widely discussed on call in radio, shows, forums and in seminars by academics during the week. Only occasionally does the English-language press report these.

At the end of the year, The Nation had an article that referred to these studies: 'Gossip' research has solved nothing - Senator slams concentration on sex and violence - The Nation, January 3, 2004.

Wisarut reports about these incessant studies that are the talk of the town: I have looked at the forums and seen Gen Y's responses toward the news about very pornographic online games spun out of the local media.
They feel very alienated toward both the reactionary Ministry of Culture as well as the spin-doctor local media that just copy the news without making a deep investigation to check whether Ministry of Culture have told a big lie to the public as the way to capture conservative voters at the expenses of younger voters.
Many feel fed up with the 'serious media' like Matichon that keep returning to Gen Y as a way to spin more issues and raise their copies sold without trying to find out the real story.
Even worse, serious media like Matichon has distorted the news by claiming that manga (Japanese comic) like Card Capture Sakura is a child porno comic--even though this kind of comic is only a spin-off called doujin. The same can be said about the media's confusion between porno games (H games) and online games.
Too many people have become victims of these kinds of unethical journalist practices, but those journalists and columnists keep spinning this type of news and commentary without shame while they keep asking the public at large to grant them unlimited press freedom...

Lurid stories of Thai youth - January 5, 2005
Following up on yesterday's article about the Thai-language press promoting lurid stories of Thai young people to sell newspapers, here are some references from the last four months to sensational youth stories in the Thai-language press:

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