Loxley and North Korea links

Loxley and the Thai way of doing things – telecomasia.net, March 19, 2012
[Thanks to Noel for pointing this out.]
…But looking at the big picture, Loxley is not about technical excellence or best practices. It is about lobbying; about knowing the right people; about doing deals in closed circles.
…The sad thing was that because of the proper and elite image of Loxley in Thailand, the news blackout was almost absolute within the country. Editors did not wish to make an enemy of Loxley as their owners, the Lamsum family, have a banking, food, commercial and advertising empire that is no less omnipresent than that of True and CP owned by the Chearavanont family. Only the Lumsums prefer to keep themselves to themselves unlike the publicity hungry Chearavanonts.
No publication would risk losing their advertising income by pointing out that they were part of North Korea’s nuclear program. No politician would dare to lose party funding by taking them on – the Lumsums were the fifth largest official donor to the Democrat party. The Chearavanonts, meanwhile, topped the 2011 list…

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