Lottery numbers

From Thairath, April 8, 2014
Left: This time, the winning lottery number will be 66. Not only did PM Yingluck give us a clue, but former PM of Abhisit did also.
Middle: How did they do?
Man: PM Yingluck fell and broke her ankle.
Right: Former PM of Abhisit also fell and broke his collarbone. Due to this, it will be 66. (Sent by the reader) [meaning the idea for this cartoon was sent in by a reader]
[This refers to recent lottery drawings that picked numbers that happened to be the same as the prime minister’s license plate. This led to suspicion that lottery numbers were rigged to impress Yingluck supporters as these sorts of signs are widely followed in the Thai world.
This cartoon plays with the pronunciation of the word “fell.” In Thai, the word “fell” sounds like the word for the number 6. Since both PM Yingluck and opposition leader Abhisit suffered falls resulting in injury in a short period of time, thus resulting in “2 falls” or “66.”]

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