Looks better when naked


From Manager, July 13, 2016
Left: Caption: Mr. Methee… even if he’s nakedly walking… it doesn’t look bad.
The man is Phra Methee Dhammacharn, secretary-general of the Buddhism Protection Centre of Thailand. He
Right: Caption: But once he wears a monk’s robes…
Woman: Oh! My God.
Man on the left: Hey… it’s shameful.
Man on the right: So dirty!

[Refers to the appointment of a new Supreme Patriarch. Phra Methee Dhammacharn, secretary-general of the Buddhism Protection Center of Thailand, supports Somdet Chang as Supreme Patriarch and has agitated against the government in an attempt to force his quick appointment.
However, Somdet Chang’s closeness to the Thaksin-supporting Dhammakaya sect, his associations with Red Shirts, and the controversy over the legality of his vintage Mercedes Benz collection has caused the appointment to be put on hold.
Traditionally in Thai Buddhism, monks should not be involved in the activities of the world, including politics. The cartoonist tries to show that Phra Methee Dhammacharn’s protests to force the appointment of Somdet Chuang as new Supreme Patriarch are reprehensible.
So, the cartoonist illustrates that even as a naked man in public he is less objectionable that when he is in monk’s robes threatening the government.]

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