Locked in place

From Thairath, August 5, 2020
Title: I will lead Thailand to move forward.
Blocks on PM Prayuth’s feet, left: Political problems; Decline in power On right blocks: Economic problems; Massive debts; Don’t have the ability to solve
Sign on the left: Broken hearts from cabinet reshuffle [referencing the bitter feelings from government coalition members who lost out in the reshuffle]
Signs held by youth: Free Youth; Junior high school students; High school students; Stop threatening the people; Revise the constitution; Dissolve the parliament; Overthrow the uncle [referring to the demands of the student protesters]
Sign held by Japanese cartoon character ‘Hamtaro’: Dissolve the parliament [this refers to one of the themed protests of the students]
Phi Nooring: Try to move yourself first
Mouse: Country’s hideous burden

[Refers to the current situation of government led by PM Prayuth known as “Uncle Tu.” While PM Prayuth vows to lead the country to move forward, his government is now facing the several problems including economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and conflict among coalition parties.]

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