Living with the Tiger

Living with the Tiger – February 26, 2011
…My name is Mike Thomas and I’m a British filmmaker living in Thailand. I have recently finished making a not-for-profit film called ‘Living with the Tiger’. Very briefly, it’s about a group of HIV-infected orphans in Lopburi province that have been abandoned by society. It follows the lives of a couple of the children over 3 years and their attempts at reintegration back in to their communities. Rather than offering the predictable and depressing images normally associated with HIV, we have tried to present something that offers hope, compassion and inspiration. The story is framed by the children’s preparations for an ambitious performance in an opera, based on the best selling book, Life of Pi.
Our aim is to raise awareness of the stigma and discrimination that affects these children and the millions of other people living with HIV. We are planning an outreach campaign that will include further screenings of the film in workplaces, educational establishments, theatres and festivals. We have tried to make the film entertaining so that it will have a broad appeal and reach out to everyone, especially those that don’t have any connection with HIV…

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