Little Sister Pinky Promise

From Thairath, December 4, 2017
Title: Will there be a reconciliation?
Left: Nong Kiaw Koy [name of junta’s mascot: “Little Sister Pinky Promise”]
Right: Phi Kiaw Ko
On the papers under the soldier from left to right: Protest to call on the junta; Different opinions
Phi Nooring: Which mascot is the more popular?
Mouse: A symbol of the military

[Refers to military’s new mascot “Nong Kiaw Koy” or a “Little Sister Pinky Promise” to promote reconciliation in the country.
This cartoon suggests a different mascot (at right) which emphasizes the junta’s strong-arm response to dissent.
“Phi Kiaw Ko” is the name of the satirical mascot meaning “Big brother Pinky Neck.”]

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