“Little Sister Kicks Ass”

Little Sister Kicks Ass – www.strategypage.com, July 17, 2011

[Thanks to Marc for pointing this out. This article is the very definition of either lazy research or simply a superficial understanding of what is going on here.]

The low-level civil war that has been going on for the last six years is over. The Royalists (yellow shirts) have acknowledged that the majority of Thais do not support them and are abiding by the results of the July 3rd election. The royalists (also called the urban elite) gained power via a coup in 2006, and held onto it using tainted elections…
Last year, the courts moved to seize half of Shinawatra’s fortune ($1.4 billion) as a fine for being corrupt. This was an unpopular move, since nearly all Thai politicians are corrupt, and people wondered who was going to get the $1.4 billion. The red shirts threatened violence over the seizure, although Shinawatra, from exile in Dubai, urged calm and only non-violent demonstrations…

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