Like the old dictators

From Manager, January 28, 2018
Left, Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat: He changed the name of my Article 17 to Article 44.
Right, Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram: Same as me… he changed the name of “state conventions” to “Thai values.”
Caption: Two idols of Tu [“Tu” being the nickname of PM Prayuth]

[Refers to PM Prayuth who once again allowed the date for new elections to be extended, supposedly to allow time for more political reforms.
This cartoonist sarcastically notes that what the junta is trying to do is not the democratic way and is more similar to the era of two dictators, Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat and Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram.
Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat made sure his edicts were technically legal and exercised absolute power under Article 17. The present junta has Article 44.
Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram attempted to modernize Thai culture with a series of behavior-modifying rules for citizens. In Thai is this is something like “popularisms” but is usually translated to something like “state conventions” meaning the standards of behavior people should follow. The present regime promotes its own “Thai values” to instill its own moral code into the populace.]

Pibul-era graphics
Circa-1939 Pibul-era cartoon describing the new revenue system
Sarit deposes Phibul

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