Lights, Camera, Dissatisfaction

Lights, Camera, Dissatisfaction – Bangkok Post, August 7, 2012
…He said that Thai casting directors also routinely cheat actors and foreign productions and that Hollywood has gotten wind of these practices, which is why fewer films are coming to Thailand.
”Actors have spoken out and been blacklisted by Thai casting agents, but not before the international productions have found themselves in the middle of an ugly situation,” Pearson said. ”I have turned down roles I have been cast for after they changed my fee at the last minute, hoping I was desperate to be in front of the camera, then seemed shocked when I walked.”
He said that actors often complain to foreign production companies while on set. ”Hollywood does not need the headache. Actors complaining, Thai film companies ripping them off, even individuals in the Thai government coming along for their piece of the pie…”

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