Letter to the U.S. from Thailand


From an image circulated on social media:
You have aircraft carriers… while we have our country to protect.
You have a power to occupy… while we have a morality to adhere to.
You support a bad person… while we fight with them without being afraid of them.
You focus on your interests… while we focus on righteousness.
You say a lie to help your friend… while we dare to fight it.
You use democracy as your excuse… while we will blow a whistle loudly.
Stop supporting people who are corrupt… stop insulting.
“Stop supporting Thaksin’s regime or our friendship will end.”
Love you, Thailand
28 Jan 2558 (2015)
[Refers to a U.S. envoy’s comments on Yingluck’s impeachment that lead some Thais to believe that the U.S. was taking sides with Thaksin.]

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