Letter to the U.S. from Thailand


From an image circulated on social media:
You have aircraft carriers… while we have our country to protect.
You have a power to occupy… while we have a morality to adhere to.
You support a bad person… while we fight with them without being afraid of them.
You focus on your interests… while we focus on righteousness.
You say a lie to help your friend… while we dare to fight it.
You use democracy as your excuse… while we will blow a whistle loudly.
Stop supporting people who are corrupt… stop insulting.
“Stop supporting Thaksin’s regime or our friendship will end.”
Love you, Thailand
28 Jan 2558 (2015)
[Refers to a U.S. envoy’s comments on Yingluck’s impeachment that lead some Thais to believe that the U.S. was taking sides with Thaksin.]

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  1. Wiz says:

    Stop supporting people who are corrupt… stop insulting. => the better translation to show the hidden meaning will be
    “Stop supporting people who are corrupt … [referring to Ai Maew who has associated with the Bush family as well as other US congressmen and US senators ]
    stop forming the connection with those who insult His Majesty” [referring to those anti monarchy malcontents who have lived in exile in USA while using USA as their bases to attack Thai Monarchy such as those in San Francisco and LA]

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