Let Them Eat Submarines

From Manager, July 6, 2015
On a sign: 36,000 million baht per basket
Caption: Yeah… now seafood is very expensive!!!

[Refers to the navy’s plan to spend 36 billion baht to purchase submarines from China. This plan was been criticized by the public as the massive budget could be spent on helping the poor and other country’s development projects. Red Shirt spread the rumor that the junta would be canceling the popular national healthcare plan to pay for the submarines. Amid this controversy, the army put the plan to purchase its submarine fleet from China on hold.]


From Thairath, July 7, 2015
Title: If seafood is expensive, then let the rich eat it.
On the submarine: 36,000 million baht
PM Prayuth in the foreground: If you want to eat it, you have to work hard to get a lot of money.
Sign in front of the rice basket: Agricultural products are very cheap. Drought
Paper held by man in the middle: Rubber price declines.
Paper held by man in the back: Labor wage is low.
Phi Nooring: They can’t eat it for their whole life.
Mouse: The poor can’t eat it.

[The title of the cartoon refers to PM Prayuth’s quote during his TV programme ‘Returning Happiness to the People.’ Amid the increase of seafood prices, he urged the people who do not have much money to avoid eating seafood.
In contrast, the junta supports the navy’s plan to buy submarines from China for a cost of 36 billion baht.]

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