Let It Be

From Thairath, April 22, 2012
The cartoon title reads: “Let it be – please translate however you like” [This refers Thaksin’s public offer over Songkran to “Let It Be”–meaning no one would be held culpable of the political events over the last few years if he too is absolved.]
Top left: Who believed that rumor about Phuket will fall into the sea… Let it be!
Top middle: Who will volunteer to be drunk and then drive… Let it be!
Top right: Who are threatened and harmed, but prosecutors will dismiss the case… Let it be!
Lower left: Who gave the 100 full marks to Poo’s management… Let it be! [referring to some who said the government’s performance was perfect so far]
Lower middle: Who will sing royal anthem of Hun Sen… Let it be!
Lower right: Who will amend the charter to change the judgement of the court… Can’t let it be!!
[This all means that many recent outrageous incidents in the media can be dismissed, but not Thaksin’s attempt to overturn his convictions and return to Thailand.]

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