Lese majeste suspect who supported attacks on anti-Yingluck protesters stripped of royal decorations

Lese Majeste Suspect Stripped of Royal Decorations – khaosodenglish.com, November 11, 2014
…According to the statement, the decorations were rescinded because Sqn.Ldr. Chanin “violated the disciplines of the armed forces with his serious, evil behaviour, and insulted, defamed, and displayed vengeful expression toward His Majesty the King.”
…Chanin regularly expressed support for the shadowy militants who launched gun and grenade attacks on anti-government protesters during their campaign against the administration led by Thaksin’s sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, in 2013-2014…

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One Response to Lese majeste suspect who supported attacks on anti-Yingluck protesters stripped of royal decorations

  1. Wiz says:

    Sacking a squadron leader of RTAF who is anti monarchy activist – so he has mobilized Anti Junta to write the graffiti in the restrooms
    Note: Armed Forces have pledged to protect His Majesty, so their involvement in anti Monarchy activities including the mobilization to write anti monarchy graffiti in the restrooms means they have contravened and violated the oath since the first day they have become Armed Forces’ commissioned Officers. Therefore, the stripping of Royal decoration along with disgraceful discharge by EPAULET removal is what he should deserve. In the older days, such contravention means the shortcut to become a headless ghost with the head on the spike for week – but not before being caned and public humiliation by land for 3 days and public humiliation by boat for 3 days.

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