Lese majeste dominates debate on govt’s performance

Lese majeste dominates debate on govt’s performance – The Nation, February 25, 2011

[While it may be confusing to suddenly hear Jatuporn calling for more lese majeste prosecutions and web censorship, it simply reflects the Red movement’s role as a political tool.
First, this shows the Red Shirts acting as a mouthpiece for Thaksin and continuing to attack the Privy Council for him. At least at the highest levels of leadership, the movement shows no signs of morphing into a generalized democracy movement as some have hoped.
Secondly, it may also be an attempt to temper the Red Shirts’ image by speaking on a traditional Thai value such as protecting the monarchy. This is to enable other Red Shirt leaders to be accepted as MP candidates in the Pheu Thai Party. This is especially important considering the revelations that major power brokers like Sanan were insisting that Thaksin break ties with the Reds and stop orchestrating their rallies as the only way for him to return to the country. On top of this are the Pheu Thai MP groupings that are eager appear as a moderate force that can be included in a future coalition and thus are hesitant to welcome the Red Shirts’ revolutionary and attention-grabbing energy into their party.]

…Pheu Thai MP Jatuporn Promphan alleged the Abhisit Vejjajiva administration had done nothing to prosecute senior citizens, including two members of the Privy Council, who were quoted in the controversial WikiLeak.
Jatuporn told the Lower House yesterday that Abhisit kept quiet after receiving a complaint about it from some red shirts. “I have thus made a complaint to the Crime Suppression Division to arrest Abhisit for neglecting his duty…”

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