Leftovers from May

We overlooked posting a batch of editorial cartoons from May 2013. Since most readers seem to like Thai editorial cartoons (they give a unique look into the usual and quirky Thai world), here they are, albeit a bit late.

There are some readers who hate them–the Yellows who do not want us to translate Thairath cartoons by Sia and the Reds who do not want us to translate Manager cartoons. We think most readers appreciate seeing them all.

From Manager, May 30, 2013
Left sign: The elite eggs, 3 baht each
Right sign: The peasant eggs, 4 baht each
Caption: The peasants have won!
[Reference is to prices of consumer products which become high recently. At left are the egg prices during the previous Democrat government, derided as a government of the elite. At right are the “peasant eggs” which are more expensive despite a top Red Shirt, Nutthawut Saikua, holding the office of deputy commerce minister.]

From Thairath, May 22, 2013
Cartoon title: An eye for an eye
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra: Speech from Mongolia [referring to her speech in late April in Mongolia when she praised the Red Shirts]
Thaksin Shinawatra: Skype from Ratchaprasong [referring to Thaksin Shinawatra’s skype to the Red Shirt gathering at Ratchprasong Intersection in Bangkok in a memory of the 3rd anniversary of their protest in 2010]
On the hooded figure’s robe: Order to suppress the people; 100 dead bodies [referring to the end of the Red Shirt protests in 2010]
Phi Nooring: Say good things, but don’t just good at saying.
Mouse: Killed and then falsely accused.
[This cartoon was published during a time the PM was under fire for her speech extolling the Red Shirts for their 2010 and mentioning Thaksin. It seems to imply that the activities of Thakisn and Yingluck are succeeding to cowing those who oppose democracy.]

From Komchadluek, May 27, 2013
Thaksin Shinawatra: I sit waiting at the end of the soi for many years. I still don’t see anybody who will bring me out yet!
[Refers to Labor Minister Chalerm Ubamrung’s reconciliation bill which he claims was designed to help bring Thaksin back to Thailand (after his transfer out of the Deputy PM the following month, it may be that his grandstanding for Thaksin amnesty was an attempt to preserve his post). Chalerm said that his proposal was going to push it “to the end of the soi (alley)” meaning something like he would push it to the limit meaning to accomplish the ultimate goal of bringing Thaksin back to Thailand and politics.]

From Manager, May 29, 2013
Yingluck Shinawatra: I’ve never thought of discharging you, Commander-in-Chief [referring to Gen. Prayuth Chanocha, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army]
Gen. Prayuth: And I’ve never thought of staging a coup against you, Ma’am.
On wine bottle: Warning, drinking wine makes people tell lies.
[This is a particularly good one. For decades there has been a push and pull between sitting governments and the military. Sitting governments try to gain oversight and political control of the military. The Thai armed forces become paranoid over attempts by governments to do this. This results in endless suspicion as each side attempts to maintain and expand its power.]

(Ron Morris’ book on the Thai political universe, The Thai Book: Protest, Democracy, Big Men, Coups, Bombs, Killing People and Forgiveness, is available from Villefort Publishing.)

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