Learning from South Korea: transforming Bangkok’s sewage canals

Bangkok needs to discover its Seoul – Bangkok Post, September 12, 2013
…I was told by a Seoul Tourism Organisation representative that the canal used to be very polluted and full of human waste and trash after migration at the end of the Korean War (1950-1953). The area around the stream became a slum and water could no longer be used for consumption as it could harm people’s health.
The solution was to cover the stream with a concrete floor in 1958. About 20 years later, an elevated highway was built on top as the city geared toward modernisation…
In 2003, the expressway was removed and the concrete floor was demolished. It took about two years and a budget of $386 million (about 12 billion baht) to turn the stream, which is 4.6m below street level, into the fresh and clear Cheonggyecheon of today…

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