From Thairath, July 31, 2014
Title: Leaning [meaning discriminating]… for the big job hasn’t finished yet
On suit of man on the left: EC [election commission]
In man’s high hand: Revoke the right [to run for election]
In his lower hand: Dissolve the party
Papers on the ground, from left: Let the mob hurting people and police [referring to the anti-Yingluck government demonstrations before the coup]; officers abandoning the ballots [on the last election date on February 2]; obstructing the election [on February 2]; Shutting down Bangkok
Sign raised by people: P.M. visits people
Phi Nooring: The Leaning Tower tour [meaning discriminating against Thaksin and the Pheu Thai while letting anti-government protesters off the hook]
Mouse: Hunting for the oriole tour [The press referred to former P.M. Yingluck Shinawatra’s tours, mostly in the northern areas, after announcing an election date, as “the oriole tour.”]
[All of this means that, after the coup, it is expected that all the organs of power of the state will turn against Shinawatra power while unfairly exempting those who committed breaches of the law in bringing down the Pheu Thai-led government.]

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