Latest plan of political activist Sombat


From Thairath, April 13, 2015
Title: “Lai Jud” rice Vs. “Lai Prang” news [Lai Prang in Thai refers to the military]
On rice bags held by Sombat and the woman: Lai Jud
A poster on the table: Selling rice to help farmers
Phi Nooring: Who is threatened by selling rice?
A mouse: Support on a good professional.
[Refers to a latest plan of political activist Sombat knows as “Bor Kor Lai Jud” or “Poka dot editor” in English. He started a campaign to sell the “Lai Jud” rice brand. He claimed that this rice was purchased from farmers at the price of 15,000 baht per ton (the former government’s subsidized buying price for rice).
The junta government criticized his plan as trying to attack the junta government by showing it is not helping farmers.
More about Sombat, the rebel Red Shirt]

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